PowerUp will launch with four bracelet products within an athletic collection and a metal collection and a stunning ring. The patient applied for designs have been in development for 12 months - take a look.  We think you will feel electrified with excitement. 

Our Products Are Stunners!

Both of these athletic style bracelets are minimal, non-descript, lightweight, and simply designed for everyday and night wear in all kinds of weather.  Each with a silicone gel, one size fits all band, it is easy to get on and off.  The band is  Shock resistant for the wearer and the power is released from the two points on the silver face of the bracelet.  For runners, walkers, dog walkers, staying at home, going out, going to the store, going on the road or going around the world.  PreOrder Now.

The Rubber Meets The Road Collect​ion

The Go With Everything Bracelet

​This is a funky and lightweight bracelet – cool with a kick of course –in black, goes with everything.  The bracelet is simple enough to be worn every day with every thing.  Designed to look sleek but st​ylish – and very discreet. 

​This bracelet is highly visible in neon – makes it both simple to find at home but also could act as a warning.  This Kick goes with your kick, because it is ideal for runners, walkers or other outdoor athletes whose journeys might take them to out of the way places (ok obviously the black one works this way too) 

The Now You See Me Bracelet

Both of these stylish bracelets are about an inch wide and medium weight.  They are designed for work for a more dressed up occasion.  Each features points on the top, which is where the shock is released and are coated on the inside so the wear can not receive a shock.  The bracelets feature our SureFit design which makes sure the bangle stays correctly on your wrist – ready to be armed if needed.  Pre Order Now. 

This stylish GOLD tone bangle will be easily mistaken for sure for a pretty fashion accessory – but you know its good looks are shocking.  

This stylish SILVER tone bangle will be easily mistaken for sure for a pretty fashion accessory – but you know its good looks are shocking.  

The Silver Lining Bracelet

The You're Golden Bracelet

The Don't Metal With Me Collection

About All Our Products

All products will be lined with a protective layer of specialized material – so wearer is safe from the shock. 

One of the key issues in personal safety, is predators look for women on their phones, distracted, or in a hurry – so even if a women carries pepper spray in her purse, can she really get it out in time?  In addition, research shows that a high percentage of attacks take place within a home and involve known people - so our product, which is literally at the women’s fingertips – is ready, accessible and empowers the women to protect herself at any time and any place that it is needed.

These items are designed to be disguised as regular accessories, so it is up to the wearer to share with friends they are actually are empowerment devises.  Check out the technology behind the StunBracelet.  

The inspiRING Stun Ring

This state of the art Stun ring, puts the power of protection literally at your fingertips.   

The ring is stylish and packs a punch. The ring has a small switch on the its side and with quick flip, posts rise to the top, and the ring armed and ready to be discharged. The shock occurs when it is pressed into the aggressor.  Then you RUN! 

The ring is silver plated and available in women's whole sizes 6 - 9.  

Pre Order Now.