PowerUP Women-Frequently Asked Questions.

You May Have Questions, And We Have Answers

How old do you have to be to buy StunJewelry?  You must be 18 years old or older to purchase our products.

Is this product legal in all states? No, We can not sell or ship to the following states and a couple cities: HI, IL, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, RI, & WI and Denson/Crawford County, IA, District of Columbia & Philadelphia.

Can I purchase these from outside the US? Sorry no, unfortunately our stun product is only able to ship in the US.  

How does it charge? The bracelets plug into a standard wall charger and are fully changed in a few minutes. Product comes with the charging cord.  

How can it change so fast?  The ultra-capacitor.  They absorb energy like a big sponge very quickly. It is so cool.

What keeps it charged? The ultra-capacitor stores energy in place of a traditional battery.

How do I know it is charged?  A small green light on the side of the item lets you know it is fully changed for (at least) the next 24 hours. 

How do I activate the Stun Capability & Is there a safety switch? Yes, there is an arming switch on the side of the bracelet, which must be switched manually to the on position.  This raises two posts on the front/top of the jewelry - before any shock could be transmitted.  It then requires you to press the surface into someone for the shock to discharge.  The product is made for what we call STUN and RUN. Designed so you can quickly stun an attacker - be released - so you can exit to safety. 

How do I know the shock charge is live?  A red dot illuminates on the side of closest to you - unnoticeable to the casual observer.  

Is it reusable?  Yes, the bracelet can be charged and discharged many times over its three year life.  

How many discharges do I get per charge?  One any given occasion, it will be a single discharge - per charge - each discharge is 130,000 volts.

What keeps me from being shocked?  The items are insulated closest to the wears skin, but the shock is released from the top of the items - not the bottom.  It is not impossible that you could be shocked if you touched the top of the jewelry, but it would be hard to do - like all safety devises, be careful.

What makes the shock go off?  The wearer forcefully presses the jewelry face/top into someone making content with the two posts  - these posts (1+ and 1- post) are what transmit the shock from the jewelry to the attacker.  Each of the images above, show these posts raised. 

Can the shock go thru clothing?  Yes, the shock goes thru most clothing, fabric shirt and pants - the shock will not go thru leather or bulky layered clothing - but in those instances, the armed jewelry should aimed for exposed skin. 

How is this different than a taser?  A taser is a gun like devise that shoots wires into the attacker - and sends voltage thru the wires to the attackers.

How much will these retail for? We anticipate the retail prices for the athletic style bracelets at $99.00, the bangle bracelets at $149.00 and the rings at $179.00.

What are the styles? We offer wristbands (athletic wear) in black  in high quality poly urethane (rubber) like what you would see on a Nike bracelet. And a bangle style that is a metal bracelet with gold color finish - more formal. There is one ring style, it is silver. 

What keeps the Bangle right side up?  We have designed the bracelet so that it will not actually rotate away from the right side up orientation that way it stays in the right place for when you need it most.  

How about weather and water?  The jewelry can withstand weather, but should not be submerged in water.  In addition, the athletic bracelets can withstand any sweat issues as well.