Our Stun Jewelry Has A Kick.

Using breakthrough technology advances in ultra capacitors and micro transformers, our state of the art StunJewelry allow you to carry 130,000 volts with you everyday.  Giving you the power to protect yourself when you need it most.  

How The Jewelry Works.

The jewelry charges rapidly with a standard charger.  A cord connects to the product and the product is charged in just a few minutes.  The energy is stored (in the bracelet/ring) for at least 24 hours.  To arm the jewelry a simple switch on the side is flipped and the jewelry is instantly armed and anything you touch with it (human or animal if needed) will get a high voltage charge. Its discreet LED lights green for charged and red for armed.

Ultra Capacitors 

Capacitors have undergone great change in the past 2-3 years from ordinary electrical components to extraordinary components making possible all kinds of breakthroughs.  For instance in the next several years your cell phone will take 5 seconds to charge (type rapid cell phone charge into Google to read more). In the past four years capacitors have quadrupled in storage and shrank by 10 fold to todays Micro Ultra Capacitors. Ultra Capacitors (which we use) and soon Micro Ultra Capacitors – change everything from no more car batteries to computers that will stay charged for a week. 
They have transformed from: ​Capacitors to Super Capacitors, to Ultra Capacitors to Micro Ultra Capacitors.

The Cool Stuff.

Technology advances in ultra capacitors make the stun jewelry possible. They are small and soak up energy like a sponge - then store for use whenever it is needed. The Transformer (also a key element) multiples the energy so that a burst of power is available when you need it. A small switch on the watch can be flipped to arm the watch and the charge is ready in seconds.

More Questions?

Here is somemore backgroundon Power.  Also check theFrequent Asked Questions section if you still have questions or send us anemail.